Stephanie (Mom, Jamaica Plain)

My daughter (3 years old) has now been through two sessions of yoga with Erin, during which time I have watched her relationship with her body change and grow. She seems more in-tune with her body — she explains aches and pains more specifically, and knows (and uses!) stretches to help her when things feel out of balance.  She has also learned tools for relaxation, such as breathing during moments of tension and struggle. The kids really have fun, are so excited to go, and best of all, they are so relaxed and happy at the end of class. I would wholeheartedly recommend kids yoga with Erin — she is a truly gifted teacher!

Megan (Mom, Cambridge) :

My son is a very active three and a half year old, and he loves his yoga classes with Erin. When we first began, I didn’t know what to expect because although Owen loves to run and play and dance, he hasn’t wanted to do a lot of structured activities or classes. But Owen has stayed engaged and interested in yoga with Erin, and I credit Erin’s teaching style with this. She keeps the classes small so that she can give each kid a lot of attention. And I’ve noticed how well she gets to know each kid, and how responsive her classes are to the energy levels of the kids on any given day. When Owen doesn’t want to lay still for quiet breathing times, she involves him in passing out “breathing buddies.” She never pushes the kids, and she fosters a fun, gentle, and respectful class environment. For Owen the classes feel like pure play, but along the way he has learned so much about balance and stretching, about expressing the feelings he holds in his body with drawing and moving, and also about quiet breathing and relaxation. I love Erin’s classes, and I recommend them!

Owen (3.5 years old):

We make shapes with our bodies! Like triangles. Sometimes we keep balloons in the air! I make friends at yoga, and Erin knows that I am really batman.

Diane (Mom, Medford)

My fourteen year old daughter Katie has a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts her fine and gross motor coordination. Her lack of coordination is a problem in mainstream sports and often leads her to beat up on herself because she cannot throw or catch a ball and things like that. Erin’s Yoga class has provided an opportunity for Katie to exercise that does not leave her feeling “less than.” Erin teaches to each child’s strengths and capabilities. Her class promotes fitness, and above all, self confidence. Erin is warm, welcoming, and amazingly talented. She will challenge your child to be their personal best, at their own pace, in a non-competitive environment.  Erin’s Yoga class helps the children to develop self-regulation techniques, which can be generalized for use in day to day life, for example, in moments of anxiety.

Rachel (Mom, Somerville):

My daughter began Erin’s class at age 4, and is still enrolled now, at age 6. She just welcomed her 3 year old little sister into her class with her! I was initially concerned that my daughter would be too shy to participate fully and benefit from the class. But she has been in Erin’s class now for almost two years and has ended up having a lot of fun and learning so much! She has made personal connections with Erin and with the other kids. She gained physical confidence from doing yoga in such a supportive and non-threatening environment. She learned to give massages and likes to give them to us at home now. She is proud if what she can do and what she has learned. She has seen that she can get better at things by repeated practicing. She is beginning to get the concept that she can take physical actions that will help calm her emotionally. My favorite things about Erin’s progarm is the very warm and supportive learning environment; Small group of kids; and Erin’s passion about teaching every kid, and the attention that she pays to their individual needs. Also I got some massages! I can now talk with my daughter about how physical actions affect our emotional state. I enjoy seeing her pride in her accomplishments. For all of these reasons, I recommend the program!

Emily (Mom, Somerville):

The class has been a great way for my daughter to become more connected to her body. She has fun every week and looks forward to class. She’s learned new ways to relax and calm down, and we’ve been able to use some of the techniques at home during stressful moments.

Adia (4 years old):

The class is really fun. Erin is really funny. My favorite part is doing the running thing and when we hear the bell you stop and go into a pose.

Paula Sharaga

(Director of Children’s Programming at Brookline Public Library)

I can’t say enough good stuff about our yoga class this morning with Erin Carter.  We had about 34 attendees– a mix of parents and children ages 3-8. Just about everyone came away calm, smiling and looking forward to more of the same.  She used a balanced mixture of movement, imagination, stretching, strengthening, connecting and meditation in short playful segments. There were balloons floating in the air, and beany babies bouncing on the bellies. Erin is lovely within and without; her manner is conducive to calm and self exploration– even amidst a  of multi-aged library crowd of  children.