This is a video clip of Lorraine Murray, the author of Calm Kids, and international Kid’s Meditation teacher, sharing some essential points for parents or teachers who would like to teach their children to meditate, to consider.  I watched this video about a year ago and it prompted me to reflect quite a bit on my state of mind when I am leading children in yoga or meditation. To me, it pointed out the difference in mindset between trying to get children to follow my agenda, as opposed to trying to find common ground in the ways that I and they experience being present in a way that is nourishing.

The points that Lorraine Murray makes in this video prompted me to really think about how, often times, the ways that adults and children experience being present in a way that is nourishing to ourselves,  can be quite different.  So, to practice being present together, through the practice of  yoga or meditation, will take some work from both of our sides to expand beyond our current comfort zone to also embrace the other’s experience of nourishing presence.

This video has inspired me to think about how, when I ask children to follow my lead in yoga class, I am asking them to join me in my moment. The more that I continuously make the effort to also equally meet them in their moment, the more we all learn and the more magic unfolds 🙂

For any parent or teacher who is interested in teaching their children yoga or meditation, I highly recommend watching this short video and giving her points some thought:) Enjoy~ I hope you find is inspiring too!