Classes ~ Kids & Teens Yoga



Fall 2017 Session


Small Group Yoga Class for ages 12-18 ♦ Thursdays 5-6pm ♦ Arlington
  • This class will take place at Together In Motion, at 1 Broadway in Arlington
  • A fun and nurturing series designed to help children learn how to care for their body, mind, and spirit. Small class size (no more than 3 children) ensures personalized care and attention.
  • Classes include group games and energetic play, followed by yoga postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness activities, art, and guided relaxation.
  • This class is designed more specifically around the individual needs of each of the class participants. The small group setting allows for this flexibility and individual tailoring.
  • September 14th – December 7th 2017
  • No Class: November 23rd (Thanksgiving)
  • Exchange for session: $385

Roots and Wings Yoga Class for ages 11-17 ♦ Thursdays 6-7:15pm ♦ Arlington
  • This class will be held at Together In Motion, at 1 Broadway in Arlington
  • This class integrates the timeless mind, body, and social wellness principles of yoga into a fun, meaningful and relevant class series designed to help tweens and teens learn how to care for their body, mind and spirit.
  • Consisting of a short “good news” sharing time, fun & encouraging goal setting practice through a weekly strengthening exercise that we will repeat and build on each week.
  • And then we move into energetic movement activities to have fun, get energy flowing, and clear the mind.
  • Followed by yoga sequences to release tension and stress, strengthen and stretch the body, and calm and center the mind. Guided relaxation and meditation is also an important element of each class for this age group.
  • Social and leadership skills will be cultivated through group challenges and team building games.
  • Creative reflection exercises are also woven in, such as drawing, crafts, collages, collective storytelling, and reflective writing.
  • To support a healthy and constructive relationship to the physical, emotional and social changes that young people experience at this age, there is a particular focus in this class on building self awareness, self trust, and confidence.
  • This cultivates a restorative and empowering connection to our own innate inner calm, wisdom and strength.
  • September 14th – December 7th 2017
  • No Class: November 23rd (Thanksgiving)
  • Exchange for session: $216

Strength in Connection Semi-Private Classes

Strength in Connection Semi-Private Classes are also available by request, please contact Erin. Generally anywhere from 2-4 students, this format allows for the class to be designed more personally and specifically to the needs of the participants, while also maintaining the social aspect of a group class.

Strength In Connection Private Classes

Can be arranged in any way, from a one time basis to a series.

Contact Erin

Please contact Erin if you are think your child may benefit most from a semi private or private class. We can discuss the possibilities and come up together with a plan for the best way to go forward.