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Erin Carter - Strength in Connection YogaHello, I am Erin Carter. I am the founder of Strength in Connection Yoga for Children and Families.  Thank you so much for visiting my site. I love my work and I so appreciate every opportunity I receive to share it. I hope that you will find something here that will be helpful for you in your life.

One of the greatest sources of joy and wonder in my life is getting to witness the innate wisdom of children. I am driven by a deep desire to help children develop the strong center and trust in themselves that will enable them to maintain a life long empowering and joyful connection with their own innate wisdom, power and purpose.


I began practicing Yoga in 1999, when I was 19 years old, and it slowly transformed my experience of life.  The study and practice of Yoga gave me a structure through which to learn how to manage my body, mind, energy and emotions, so that I have the energy, clarity and confidence to manifest my dreams. I spent three years intensively studying, practicing and teaching physical, energetic and spiritual healing under the guidance of Daoist based Spiritual Teacher and Healer Chun Shim Nim.  And six years training in and teaching “Brain Education”, a modern revision of traditional Eastern mind/ body training integrated with neuroscience. These studies gave me the experience of delving deeply into my own personal practice and thus have been the ground from which I share and support others in finding simple and attainable ways to integrate mindfulness practice into their own lives.

I have been teaching various types of mind body classes since graduating Prescott College with a degree in Dance, Movement and Community Studies in 2005. I have worked with children so young as 2 month old babies and their mothers, all the way up to adults as old as 85! I especially enjoyed teaching in schools, leading holistic stress management seminars for parents, leading two day trainings for social workers and teachers, coordinating and instructing family classes and retreats, and meeting so many wonderful people of all ages and walks of life along the way! This breadth of experience has taught me how to meet so many different individuals where they are at and share yoga with them in a way that is appropriate and relevant for each unique individual.

In 2013 I began the 200 hour, Yoga Alliance approved YogaKids Teacher Training program, and completed my certification in October 2014.

I completed my certification to teach baby yoga and toddler yoga through ChildLight Yoga over the summer of 2015. Since the fall of 2015 I have added Toddler & Caregiver Yoga classes to my schedule. I have completely fallen in love with witnessing and supporting the incredible development happening at the early stage of life for the little ones, and also with creating nurturing space where parents/caregivers are provided an opportunity to care for their own body and mind.

Creating an inclusive environment where all people are welcome and met where they are at has always been something I strive for. My classes have included and accommodated individuals with special needs for as long as I have been teaching. In the winter of 2016 I took the Stretch What Matters Yoga for Individuals with Special Needs Teacher Training. I offer adaptive yoga classes for children and teens who do best in a smaller group setting where their needs can be more specifically addressed. I also offer an inclusive class model, for children and teens with special needs who we deem will receive more benefit from a larger group setting where they are in class with a range of neuro typical children/teens. If you have a child with special needs who is interested in class, simply contact me and we can discuss what class format will be most beneficial for them.

I create a warm and supportive atmosphere in my classes where children feel comfortable, safe and confident. I love to weave art, music, and a connection with the natural world into my classes. I currently teach weekly children’s yoga classes, teen yoga classes , and toddler & caregiver yoga classes that are open to the public in Arlington Ma, Somerville Ma, and Brookline Ma. I offer ongoing family yoga classes at the Newton Public Library, the Brookline Public Library and the Winchester Public Library.  I also serve on staff as the Yoga and Mindfulness Specialist at The Birches School in Lincoln. 

I hope to meet you soon 🙂